Our New Safety Plan

With masking mandates changing rapidly, this is our new safety plan.  We will continue to evolve this policy as we learn more.  Remember, these changes rely on many people being vaccinated, so if you haven’t gotten vaccinated yet, you are strongly encouraged to do so.  Here’s a summary of our policy right now:

     *  Masks are no longer required in our facility during the week.  All of our staff is 100% vaccinated.  But we will             take our cue from you.  If you choose to wear a mask, our staff will gladly wear a mask when you enter our offices

     *  Masks are not required at all times on Sundays. You may freely choose to wear a mask any time you would like

     *  For now, distancing measures will still be in place

     *  Our fellowship hall is available for anyone who does not feel comfortable with these practices.

     * Be respectful of one another during these changing times

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