Be Part of One of Our 5 Safety Teams!

As we diligently prepare for resuming our public worship gatherings, we are determined that Immanuel be exemplary in safety, cleanliness, and hospitality.
So, we’re forming 5 safety teams....

Screening Team


This team will direct people into the building and perform basic screening at the door of all worshipers.

Ushering Team


Direct people from the screen station to the first available seating in the sanctuary, assist in gathering offerings, and direct people in an orderly way to appropriate exits after worship

Sanitation Team


 This team will make sure the space is clean and ready for worshipers before and after worship and will make sure that sanitation products are available for use by worshipers the entire time they are in the building

Communion Team


Ensure that communion elements are ready for worship and that home communion supplies are ready for distribution for those bringing communion to their house churches and the homebound

Social Distancing/
Bathroom Team


This team will make sure our space has appropriate signage about healthy practices and floor markings to encourage social distancing, the placement of chairs and/or partitions to promote proper spacing in the sanctuary, and monitor our bathrooms for proper distancing and sanitation.

Volunteers Wanted!!


Volunteers need to be in good health and not in a higher risk category.  We need 2-3 people to serve on these teams each week, so we’re looking for people to make a commitment of 1-2x per month.  If you want to learn more about any of these teams, send an emai
 to Pastor Nate