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We are thrilled to be relaunching our Wednesday Evening Education program! We’re returning to some familiar pieces and adding in some new ones. 


Here’s what you can expect beginning January 5th: 


     5:30 pm - A meal (more than a snack). 

     6:00 pm - Praise Worship

     6:30 pm - Education hour


During our education time, we will be splitting up into a variety of small groups. K-2nd grade, 3rd-6th grade,
7th -9th grade, and 10th-12th grade. There is also a possibility of classes for adults, too! 


Our Wednesday evenings give us a great opportunity to grow in relationship with Jesus and with one another! To make these evenings a great experience for everyone, we need your help. 


You can help by: 

  • Showing up! 

    • We love to see your faces around the tables. Showing up consistently is a great way to help support our Wednesday evening program. 


  • Cook or serve the meal

    • Can you make a crockpot of soup and deliver it? Would you rather not cook but enjoy serving? Cooking or serving the meal can be a great family service project! Or maybe you and another family want to work on this together.  Team up with your friends and share your favorite hot dish with us! Sign up here. 


  • Volunteer or Teach

    • Teaching is a great way to connect with your kids or grandkids. In addition to their parents, kids need other adults in their lives who care about them and are examples of faith. Teaching and volunteering could be life changing for you both! 

 We will provide the materials for you, all you have to do is lead the group through the lessons and activities. You can also help by volunteering to be an extra adult in the class, to help hand out supplies or be another set of eyes and ears to keep things on track. Team up with another parent or create a rotation among a group of you! 

Jane Bagstad will be teaching K-2nd grade. Pr. Megan will be teaching 3rd-6th grade. 10-12 grade is peer lead. Contact Pr. Megan at to volunteer.

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